Professional Services


Data collected in Lotus Notes over time has high business value, but now the technology platform has become sunset. Migration planning, application re-engineering can bring new life, fresh value, and business longevity to migrated applications and help you meet the needs of your users.

          Migration Planning Services

Our professional services team can recreate and enhance style of your applications using modern web application standards and frameworks for web and mobile clients.

          Content Migration Services

Technology to Scale's professional services team can perform migration services for you. When migrating content from Lotus Notes to SharePoint using the LN-Migrator platform, we make it easy to move more than 5000 items into SharePoint lists and document libraries.

          Robotics Process Automation Services(RPA)


If your environment has multiple systems and integration points from all mission critical operational processes and you're looking to improve process efficiencies, provide cost savings and reduce user input error our RPA services are likely a great fit for you.

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